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“If you are a local business owner that wants new customers to discover you, an agency that needs a new cost-effective solution for your clients, or a corporation looking to boost your name recognition, contact District Solutions today for a free media kit and consultation.”


usinesses large and small want to make the most of their marketing budget. School bus advertising is a great, new option to do just that. District Solutions offers a unique program that will help your business get noticed, while reaching more people for less money than conventional forms of advertising.  Your traveling bus signs will reach thousands of people and businesses along the daily bus routes.  Whether you prefer branding, maintaining top of mind awareness, or creating a call-to-action campaign, District Solutions will create the best advertising plan for you.

Daily Exposure

Your school bus ads will appear during peak travel times of the day.  Morning commuters, joggers, parents of school children, people living in the suburbs and neighborhoods along the bus routes, will all be exposed to your message every school day. In the afternoon, school faculty, commuters leaving work, local businesses, will see your ads and be ready to respond. And because school buses move slowly, your advertisement has the luxury of staying with consumers longer than more conventional marketing media.  Unlike other advertising mediums like television and radio, your bus signs can’t be turned off, skipped or changed.

advertisers_imageCommunity-Specific Targeting

Because school buses run consistent routes daily, District Solutions offers the option to target your message closer to your business or expand to other locations.  Additionally, school buses travel during and after school to activities such as, field trips, sporting events, and other outings, giving you the added bonus of seeing your brand.  Stand out and speak directly to your potential customers using the iconic “yellow school bus” image.


Charitable Aspect

People want to do business with businesses that support their local school system.  The majority of your advertising fee will go directly to the school districts these buses serve. This helps schools close budget gaps and save important programs for students and parents. It’s an effective, low-risk way to engage in community marketing while helping a very worthwhile cause.


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