What is school bus advertising?

School bus advertising is a relatively new concept, implemented in several states right now currently. It uses traditional bus advertising methods to help businesses raise awareness, but places these advertisements on school buses to help local school districts raise revenue.

Who sees school bus advertising?

Potentially anyone who is outside when school buses travel. This includes fellow commuters, pedestrians, construction workers, joggers, tourists, families, teachers, and students, just to name a few. School buses travel from three to eight hours and up to 60+ miles per day, capturing some of the most active traffic periods. The potential for exposure is virtually limitless!

Why should school districts participate in school bus advertising?

Schools that struggle with budget deficits could reap a new source of revenue that doesn’t require any additional equipment or investment on their part. Instead of putting staff and important school programs at risk, school bus advertising could help these schools solve problems by growing income opportunities. To learn more about how school bus advertising can benefit school districts, see our “Benefits for Districts” page here. 

Why should businesses participate in school bus advertising?

Among the many benefits for businesses includes a great advertising investment that garners more impressions for a lower cost than most traditional advertising. School bus signs are exposed to consumers longer than other advertising mediums and the opportunities for targeted marketing are second to none. 

What restrictions are there for advertisers?

Businesses are not allowed to place advertisements promoting any kind of adult or age-inappropriate service including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex-related entertainment, or political content. Advertisers must also adhere to state-sanctioned restrictions regarding the size and location of advertisements.

What are school bus advertisements made of?

District Solutions only uses signs that are made from porous but durable laminate that can withstand all weather conditions. Our signs adhere to an aluminum backing that affix easily to buses and can be removed without any harm or discoloration to the body. The signs last up to three years and are coated with the strongest weather-resistant material possible.

Once I purchase school bus advertisements do I own them?

Yes. You maintain ownership of your signs. And due to their strong weather-resistant material, your bus signs should last up to three years.

How much money does it cost to advertise on the buses?

Rates vary by district.  Contact us today at (404) 983-3001 or email Todd@schoolbusbanners.com for rates in your area.

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