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BOE to offer bus ads

By Heather Mullinix Assistant editor

CROSSVILLE — The Cumberland County Board of Education approved partnering with a company to offer color advertising on county buses during its October meeting. read more…

- Crossville Chronicle



tates that have passed legislation allowing school bus advertising have a great opportunity to gain extra revenue without any cost to the school district.  Like public transit systems have been doing for years, take advantage of a resource you already have, by advertising local businesses that support your school system.  Our signs meet state guidelines that are in place and approved.  School systems get final approval on which ads to include. District Solutions finds the advertisers, implements the creation, production, installation, and maintenance of the signs, and then delivers the revenue back to the school district.  While the buses are running, we are earning money for your school district.


New Revenue Streams

Using the equipment you already have, you can generate new revenue from businesses, marketers, and advertising agencies. Allocation of this new revenue is completely up to the school district. Whether you need to bolster extracurricular clubs, pay off debt, or make budget ends meet, District Solutions offers no effort, risk, or cost to the school district.

If you’re a school district in need of help financially, Contact us today to learn more.


Family-Friendly Advertisements

District Solutions will seek family-friendly businesses in your community.  The signs target drivers and pedestrians rather than the students within the buses.  The integrity of your district is of utmost importance and the bus signs will always be appropriate for the community.


No Cost, No Effort, No Risk

District Solutions manages all aspects of the program.  By partnering with us, District Solutions team will do the work matching your buses with eye-catching, family-friendly advertisements. No investment required, no risks you’ll have to take. Advertisements fit easily and seamlessly onto the sides of buses with little to no maintenance required.

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